Marie Julie Jahenny

Marie-Julie Jahenny 1850 –1941 was a Breton mystic and stigmatist.

During her life, she reported several apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ through which she received prophecies about the end of the world, the Great Catholic Monarch, punishment for the sins of the people, the destruction of Paris through civil war, the Three Days of Darkness, and the coming of Antichrist.

From the age of twenty-three until her death, she bore the stigmata.

According to the testimony of witnesses, she experienced miraculous Holy Communions, miraculous fasting periods to where she lived on no other food but the Eucharist for several years, suffered supernatural attacks from the devil, and had the gift of prophecy and miracles.

Marie-Julie predicted numerous chastisements for sin that would fall first on France then spread to the rest of the world. These include:

Earthquakes, unprecedented destruction through storms, failed harvests, unknown plagues that would spread rapidly plus the cures for them, a «Blood Rain» that would fall for seven weeks, civil war in France that apparently would be started by conspirators in the government, the persecution of the Catholic Church with the total closure of all churches and religious houses, persecution and slaughter of Christians, the destruction of Paris, a Two Day period of Darkness that would come circa a month before the Three Days of Darkness. The coming of the Great Monarch would also be announced by signs in the sky. She also had visions of the Angelic Pontiff who would reign at the same time of the Great Monarch, and that both these great leaders were destined to restore the Catholic Church.

Marie-Julie Jahenny, received during the ecstasy of the 23rd August 1878 a request for a new scapular.

This scapular is an honored privilege offered by Our Lord and Our Lady to lead us through the terrible times when the world will face the Holy Wrath of God. So much blasphemy and iniquity on the part of man inexorably provokes Divine Justice, but at the same time, the infinite Goodness of Our Lord and of His holy Mother manifests itself to help, in the middle of the torment, those who, humbly, with good supernatural dispositions and without presumption put their trust in Them

Not only is the wearing of this scapular strongly recommended, but its exposition in our chapels and houses will give a very special protection.

Words of Our Lord to Marie-Julie on July 20, 1882:

«I wish that My male and female servants, and even small children can clothe themselves with a Cross. This Cross will be small and will bear in its middle the appearance of a small white flame. This flame will indicate that they are sons and daughters of the light.»

Cross of Forgiveness, Croix du Pardon

During the course of many ecstasies, Marie-Julie, the stigmatic saint of La Fraudais, became enflamed by the love of the Cross, and Our Lord revealed to her that He had promised a torrent of graces to those who would venerate His Holy Cross, and, in particular, special protection at the time of punishments. These privileged ones were designated by Our Lord as The Family of the Cross whose fate must be protected.

Medal of Our Lady of Good Counsel

Marie-Julie in the course of several ecstasies at the foot of the ancient statue of the Notre Dame de la Bonne Garde – which means Our Lady of Good Protection – received the medal of Our Mother of Good Counsel.

(August 16, 1880).

“My children,” repeated the Holy Virgin, “With all the goodness of my heart and will all my tenderness I tell again to the father and mothers and families that it would be very  good, and at the same time it would be a great grace, to have children wear, small and big, wear a medal. This medal should bear these words:

“Oh you, Holy Virgin, who has crushed the head of the serpent, guard our Faith and the innocence of our little children.”

The Holy Virgin wore the medal on her heart, it was round and white. «It is not necessary,» she said, «for it to be expensive,» «its efficacy will be the same.» «This will be to guard innocence, in the difficult times, when the pestilence of corruption will spread everywhere. Every Christian can take it to arm themselves, as a defence and as a weapon of Faith that will conquer sinful living and the treachery of evil.»

Marie-Julie during an ecstasy said: «A medal of my Divine Heart. A medal, traced on it My adorable Cross. You will dip in a glass of water these two images, made either of cardboard or metal. «You will drink this water that is twice blessed and twice purified. A single drop in your food, a tiny drop will be sufficient to keep away not just the scourge, but the scourges of My Justice.

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